Phase 2 IES Submission Form Sample

    Please note that the Phase 2 application is an example form only and should not be submitted until an applicant has been notified that their project is approved for Phase 2 submission, at which point a Phase 2 application will be provided directly to applicants via email.

    Project Information

    1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      1. Percentage of participants served that are expected to be Low to Medium Income (LMI) customers

      2. Describe how the Project will consider and serve LMI customer segments

      3. Describe anticipated takeaways or lessons learned that this Project aims to provide with regard to LMI customers

    2. Job Creation

    3. Decarbonization

    1. Energy costs & usage

    2. Health

    3. Clean Energy Access

    1. Grid Asset utilization

    2. Efficiency

    IES program administrators may ask for additional information or clarification on Project Implementation plans during the Phase 2 application process

    Outline all data and performance metrics you propose to track and report on

    Discuss the cadence with which you plan to collect and share data with the IES Program

    Provide a detailed timeline for deployment and data collection/reporting, including various stages of execution/milestones, and metrics or targets associated with each stage/milestone. Cost recovery will be dependent on completion of stages/milestones.