Our Vision

The purpose of the IES Program is to identify, pilot, and quickly scale innovative technology offerings or programs to help realize an equitable modern electric grid in Connecticut. The IES Program presents an opportunity for cutting edge ideas to see their full potential, get the evaluation and implementation support they need, and help enable Connecticut’s decarbonized future.

About the IAC 

The Innovation Advisory Council (IAC) is comprised of a diverse and representative set of clean energy stakeholders in Connecticut. The IAC does not have formal decision-making responsibilities but provides recommendations and guidance to PURA through key stages of the IES program cycle. The IAC meets on a regular basis and posts its meeting minutes publicly.

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IAC Representatives:

Guiding Principles of Program Design

Economic Viability and Equity

  • Deliver benefits to all customer classes & segments
  • Develop green jobs
  • Effectively use customer funds to deploy cost-effective projects


  • Clearly communicate pilot project economics, goals & objectives for proposed projects, and decision-making criteria

Diversity & Market Gaps

  • Bridge gaps in existing programming
  • Enable breadth and diversity of customer-facing solutions


  • Demonstrate the potential to scale up past the initial pilot phase
  • Deliver benefits to a wide set of customers

Continuous Learning

  • Integrate feedback and lessons learned from applicants, innovators, and stakeholders
  • Improve the program over time

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